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  • LtAP 4G kit (RBLTAP-2HND&R11E-4G)

The LtAP 4G kit is a compact weatherproof wireless access point with a built-in high power 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n wireless and access the LTE network from your phone or any other wireless device. The LtAP LTE kit also has one Gigabit Ethernet LAN port for wired devices. The RS232 serial port gives you console access for debugging.
The unit comes with two miniPCIe slots ( one with modem 4G R11E ) , offering many expansion options. For example, you can install second LTE modem for redundancy, or 5 GHz interface to have dual concurrent 2.4/5G hz AP + LTE. Unit is powered by Dual-Core 880 MHz CPU and 128MB RAM to deal with heavy loads.
LtAP has a special enclosure with a wall mounting kit, three miniSIM slots to alternate between cellular providers, and integrated GNSS support (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo), making this a perfect device for use in moving vehicles like cars, buses or trains. External GPS antenna is available for ordering separately (not included, product code ACGPSA). The LTE card is connected to two internal antennas with u.FL connectors, so if you want, you can unplug the connectors and add your own external LTE antenna for better coverage. The unit has several powering options: 12-30 V PoE-in by Ethernet port, DC jack and automotive connector.

LtAP 4G kit (RBLtAP-2HnD&R11e-4G) with R11e-4G modem for International/USA bands 3, 7, 20, 31, 41n, 42 and 43 (1 miniPCIe slot available).

Main features:

  • 2.4 GHz AP in a rugged case
  • 2x miniPCIe slot
  • LTE installed in miniPCIe slot
  • Three Mini SIM slots
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Built-in GPS
  • Many powering options (DC jack, POE-in, automotive)
  • Serial port and full size USB for other devices
  • Perfect for cars or outdoor mobile applications

Technical Specifications:

CPUDual-core MediaTek MT7621 880 MHz
Storage16 MB flash
Ethernet1x 10/100/1000mbps
Wireless2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n dual-chain
Wireless antenna2.5 dBi
LTE antenna4 dBi (with u.FL connector)
Antenna beam width360°
LTE category4 (150 Mbps Downlink, 50 Mbps Uplink)
PoweringDC jack or automotive connector 12 - 30 V
Passive PoE 12 - 30 V
Dimensions170 x 162 x 40 mm
Operating temperature-40°°C .. +70°C
Operating systemRouterOS, License level 4
Mini SIM slots3
MiniPCIe slot 1Top slot supports PCIe and USB 2.0 cards, but is shared with the USB 2.0 type A
MiniPCIe slot 2Bottom slot supports only USB (2.0 and 3.0) miniPCIe modems (no PCIe support)
USB port1x USB 2.0 port type A (can only be used if miniPCIE slot 1 is not used)
Built-inGPS Yes (external antenna option via MMCX connector)
Serial portRS232
Max power consumption24 W

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LtAP 4G kit (RBLTAP-2HND&R11E-4G)

  • Merk: MikroTik
  • Model: RTB-RBLTAP-2HND_R11E-4G
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  • €181,33

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